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09 April 2010

Ray Charles Ft. In Cher (1975)

Cher was a CBS TV show. Ray featured in episode 10 of the second season, aired on 16 November 1975. If the caption to the B/W Getty photos is correct, it was taped on August 7.
Cher opened the show with a medley, followed by a monologue about how exciting it's been working with Ray Charles and Kermit the Frog. Ray performed Living For The City. Cher joined Ray for Georgia On My Mind. Then Kermit appeared with a Bicentennial Minute on the role of frogs in American history. Cher and the Muppet Sweetums sang That Old Black Magic, and Kermit and Ray did their duet on It Ain't Easy Being Green.
Ray made an appearance as an unconvincing bank robber in a sketch. At the end of the show Cher and Ray, joined by The Raelettes, performed a medley of Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma, Take Me Home, Country Roads, Just For a Thrill, Hit the Road Jack and What'd I Say.

Georgia On My Mind (with Cher):

It Ain’t Easy Being Green (with Kermit):

Look What They've Done To My Song, Ma + Take Me Home, Country Roads (with Cher):

What'd I Say (with Cher):

Living For The City:
   [Removed from YouTube]

After Bein' Green, Cher and Ray acted out a sketch Cher where was a teller at a bank, and Ray Charles entered with a gun to rob the place. He pointed the gun in the wrong direction, and showed in all other respects that he was ill-suited for this job. The sketch ended as Cher convinced Ray to give her his gun just as the police arrived, and arrested her.

Photo(s?) by Terry O'Neill.
CBS/Getty Images.

With Cher, Jim Henson, Sweetums, and Raelettes.

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