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13 May 2010

Ray Charles Inducting Nat Cole In Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame (2000)

Clipping from Jet, 
27 March 2000.
The induction ceremonies took place at the Waldorf Ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. Ray Charles inducted Nat King Cole with his daughters, Natalie, Casey and Timolin. "He was my beginning," Ray said. "You study mathematics, I studied Nat Cole."
A running joke of the evening was when Charles misspoke several times, saying it was for the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. "Ray Charles [...] tore up the Waldorf when he admitted that he 'tried to steal Nat Cole's voice. I even tried to steal his piano - he wouldn't let me, but I tried,'" an other newspaper reported.
Ray sang Nature Boy. The AP archive has a 5 minute show biz news item, dated 9 March 2000, covering part of this performance, and a testimonial on Nat Cole by Ray.
At least a part of Ray's performance was filmed (archived by AP). The song was released on Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Volume 6: 2000 - 2001 (Time-Life, 2012l; available as download).

Nat King Cole, Nature Boy:

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